31.5 - 23.6 inch (80 - 60 cm)| Acrylic on Linen.

For most people, a church is not just a rational building with unusual shapes. It has a very recognizable design and above all, a church represents religion. And that’s a strong emotional element with all kind of big associations. So it’s hard to see a church as another different building.

Though, in the Netherlands there are churches which are transformed into offices. And into places where you can enjoy concerts or interesting speeches. In that case the traditional shaped church has an unexpected new kind of interior.

In a small town (Nijkerk) in the middle of the Netherlands we find a special church. It is still a “traditional” church and was elected to be the church with the most beautiful tower. That’s a lot! Following my church observations, I wanted to give this church some refreshment. Not from the inside but from the outside. So I created this vivid colored painting to show how I see this specific church with its price winning tower. Irrational Church.

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31.5 - 23.6 inch (80 - 60 cm)| Acrylic on Linen.