If you are interest in an original painting, just contact us. And in case you have any remarks, like having an XL Weathermap in company colors or you have specific purchasing questions, just contact us. Maybe you have unthinkable cooperating requests, or would like to buy 100 small 3D printed Nosybirds. Just let us know.

In other words, don’t be shy. We know that everything around us accelerates and changes. We embrace it and enjoy it.


We appreciate your interest in Jos Brölmann Art. Feel free to contact us. So, if you are interest in an original painting and prices, just let us know. Maybe you have any remarks or like to translate your "Other Story" in a specific painting. Perhaps you are interested in a unique tailor-made XL Weathermap in your company. Or you have specific questions. Let us know. We keep bouncing on our accelerating and colorful life!

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Our contact details
Jos Brölmann Art
Cornelis Schuytstraat 27-2
1071 JD Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 6 30 02 35 20
E-mail: info@josbrolmann.com


We don’t want to withhold this book from you. SEE THE WIND tells the story behind Jos’ work. This book shows some of his latest work and more. It is a snapshot. Online you can take a glance at the pages. You can also buy it so that you can hold it in your hands. Actually, like everything, this book will also change and so, later on, a new version will arrive. You'll find it here.

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