15.7 - 23.6 inch (40 - 60 cm)| Acrylic on Linen.

Many of us work in an office, often located between big office buildings. During rush hours, many of us travel from home to work and vice versa. They see a large road, traffic signs and are surrounded by thousands other fellow travelers. Following the day, many of us look at one or more computer screens, paperwork and at our colleagues of course. At least, that is what our eyes tell us at the end of that day..

But for some of us this is not the case. They are very fortunate on that point and work on an extraordinary place with a magnificent view. Every time, after leaving their home, they simply start a very pleasant journey. They work for example at the Friday Harbor Laboratories, which is a part of the University of Washington. It is a beautiful spot, located between Vancouver and Seattle and it lies on the seafront.

So I received this kind request out of Washington State, USA to make a colorful painting of that very particular “work view”. A view, you can enjoy for many hours. Good food for Nosybirds®.

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15.7 - 23.6 inch (40 - 60 cm)| Acrylic on Linen.