19.7 - 27.6 inch (50 - 70 cm) | Acrylic on Linen.

The painting is based on a sea view, seen from a special spot in the South of France. And an uncommon research subject of Mr. Wallace J. Nichols from San Francisco, USA. He is a biologist and his research area is somewhat unexpected and quite remarkable at the same time: he watches people looking at water...

Mr. Nichols saw that people grow quiet and calm when they look at the sea. But there was more than that. When he asked what people feel when they look, they struggle for words. Now, he even believes that if we find out what part in our brain causes this emotion reaction, this could bring about a radical shift in conservation efforts. Well, I guess that’s something.

So this spring I saw two viewers in the South of France watching the sea. They did exactly what Mr. Nichols is researching. The idea for a painting was born. Of course the two colorful and relaxed viewers are not alone in watching the blue sea. Their feathered company likes uncommon gatherings. To get a good peace of mind for free.

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19.7 - 27.6 inch (50 - 70 cm) | Acrylic on Linen.