February 26, 2019

Here's the "Allegory of Spring". This still life from the Dutch master Georgius van Os is permanently shown in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Because this painting is 200 years old and Georgius happens to be family from the past, I decided to repaint this masterwork. The size (56 - 40 inch, 140-100 cm) will be the same as the original to create a connection. I have visited The Rijksmuseum several times to take that closer look and to get the right understanding of the "Allegory of Spring". Just stand still and see. So in the end, I am grateful to the people The Rijksmuseum for their help and consultation.

Now, my aim is to show a still life full of "Spring", so my painting will be really different in style and color. And my challenge to make a true reset. That means that I have to look over and over again and make several sketches, especially on certain areas of the painting. On Instagram and Facebook I will show how things are going and how the painting appears. I hope to get the painting ready before.... Spring. To be continued.