May 3, 2019

"200 Years Later" is based on "Allegory of Spring", a beautiful painting from the Dutch master Georgius van Os. This still life from 1817 is permanently shown in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Because this painting is about 200 years old and Georgius happens to be family from the past, I decided to rethink and repaint this masterwork. I started this painting project in November 2018 with preparations, sketches and visited The Rijksmuseum several times to take that closer look to get the precise understanding of the "Allegory of Spring". Just stand still and see. So in the end I am grateful to the people of The Rijksmuseum for their help and consultation.  

The size (56 - 40 inch, 140-100 cm) of "200 Years Later" is approximately the same as the original. To create an extra friendly connection. Actually the new painting is very different from the original in color, style and meaning. It is a special painting in every respect and it shows - like all of my paintings - the accelerating time we are living in. And last but not least, "200 Years Later" wants to show happiness which is the starting point of my work.