When everything around us accelerates and changes, it is time to step back and enjoy it in a colorful way. Read about the latest paintings, expositions, ideas, experiences, and more.


When everything around us accelerates and changes, it is time to step back and enjoy it in a colorful way. Read about the latest paintings, expositions, ideas, experiences, and more.


June 4, 2024

During the exhibition "Big Bold Botanics", a selection of my vibrant still life paintings will be on display. There's also an opportunity to own a piece of this colorful collection. Running from June 8th to September 29th. Dutch Design Hotel Artemis, John M. Keynesplein 2, Amsterdam The Netherlands.


April 22, 2024

This new "Euphoric Blooms" is based on the painting of old family and Master painter Georgius van Os (19th century). It stands out due to its unique color combination. Size 80-60 cm, 31-23 inch.


March 8, 2024

Because on certain days, you have those moments there's nothing on your agenda (or there is...), the weather is delightful and you can simply immerse yourself in doing absolutely nothing. At such times, there's nothing quite as nice as tending to the lawn. It's an very nice opportunity to relish the early spring ambiance and enjoy the delicious aroma of newly-cut grass. Size 80-100 cm, 32-39 inch.


January 13, 2024

To showcase both the creative process and the narratives behind our work in an enjoyable way, we are in the process of crafting a magazine. Here's a sneak peek!


October 17, 2023

Enough green in Amsterdam. I wanted to capture an Amsterdam summer feeling, seen from a different angle. Embracing this very pleasant outdoor atmosphere, letting summer leaves flow inside. Size 80 - 100 cm (32 - 39 inch), Acrylic on linen.


July 10, 2023

I wanted to create the atmosphere and distinctive features of this unique spot in the Amsterdam South area. A key aspect was my desire to infuse "Minerva Square" with the vibrant essence of summertime. I carefully selected a palette of colors that exude warmth and radiance. For me sunlight is important, it creates playful shadows and illuminating the scene with an air of enchantment. It's sized at 80-100 cm/32-39 inch.


June 28, 2023

Last week, during his working visit to the Rivas Zorggroep, King Willem Alexander was presented with a delightful gift— a NOSYBIRD—from Mariëlle Bartholomeus, executive board member Rivas Zorggroep. The King's purpose for the visit was to explore ways to ensure accessible and affordable healthcare. And the NOSYBIRD, symbolizing the importance of embracing different perspectives, served as a small yet inspiring gesture. A really memorable & uplifting experience. In the snapshot King Willem Alexander meets Mariëlle Batholomeus. All together, an awesome occurrence that really took us by surprise!


May 10, 2023

"Exuberance" is the latest work in the Flower Series based on paintings of old family and Master painter Georgius van Os (19th century). The intention was to create a painting which is really full of energy and cheerfulness. Size 100 - 80/39 - 32 inch.


March 5, 2023

Nosybirds are growing in popularty and is gaining more fans every day. Reason for Dutch Newspaper "Het Parool" to write this nice article about Nosybirds. It obviously receives the necessary attention in this regard. Go to for more.


January 8, 2023

In 2021, right after the covid lock down, we joined Menno Kroon ( at his flower atelier in Amsterdam with a series of exuberant flower paintings. This work has a special story. It is inspired by the 19th century paintings of Dutch Master and old family Georgius van Os. Now, at the very beginning of 2023 I'll start to create new outspoken still life compositions. So we will keep you posted right here as well as on our instagram (


November 20, 2022

From now Nosybirds 3D are on sale. To have and to give. We have introduced three designs of the colored Nosybirds toy art, looking around in a very explicit way. Just to point out where they stand for. Stop and pause every ones and a while in our fast-paced life. To take a closer look at the things around us in a very different way and from different perspectives. To emphasize their actual story and to explain the how and whats, we gave them their own home and webshop: On this new website you can get information and buy Nosybirds directly.  In short, visit the new website, enjoy the look and feel of Nosybirds and discover why we are enthusiastic about Nosybirds.


November 1, 2022

Undivided attention of top of Dutch Ministeries on the very first day of the National Climate Week art exhibition "Due to Climatic Conditions". Location ARTtrium of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations in The Hague.


October 10, 2022

During The National Dutch Climate Week the complete series “Art of Weathermaps” is shown in the beautiful ARTtrium of The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations in The Hague. The National Climate Week stimulates everyone to contribute to a more sustainable Netherlands. You can enjoy this special exposition on weekdays (not in the weekend) from October 31st until November 11th from 08.00 - 17.00. Entry is free and the address is Turfmarkt 147, 2511 DP The Hague, The Netherlands.    

"NORTH POLE, JUNE 20, 2020"

September 13, 2022

This new oversized painting “NORTH POLE, June 20th 2020”  is inspired by the temperature in the Siberian city of Verkhoyansk which rose to a 100,4°F (38°C). A temperature that fits well with the Mediterranean Sea and not with a place in Northeast Siberia that falls within the boundaries of the Arctic. The painting is shown for the first time at the Circl Exposition in Amsterdam from September 12th - October 8th. Size 210 - 170 cm (83 - 67 Inch)


August 23, 2022

From September 12th until October 8th, you are most welcome to enjoy the retrospective exhibition "Due to Climatic Conditions". For the very first time you can see a collection of Art of Weathermap paintings including latest work. Each one of the brightly colored paintings has a unique story and are inspired by data from the largest international climate institutes. The exhibition will take place at a very appropriate location. CIRCL is the Circular Platform for a Sustainable World, Gustav Mahlerplein 1B, Amsterdam. The opening hours are from Monday - Friday, 10.00 - 18.00. Admission is free.  More information:


July 8, 2022

Presenting a new painting "HOTTEST DAY EVER" (100-100 cm, 39-39 inch) from the series Art of Weathermap. On July 25th 2019 it came to an all time high record of 40,7C (105F) in The Netherlands. So this work really needed to stand out. Art of Weathermap is inspired by extreme or special weather situations due to climate change.


May 21, 2022

Some trees are an unintended piece of art. Reason to paint this "Living "Sculpture". Just in the backyard of dedicated people who prevent this tree from falling by arranging a sort of walking stick where it could lean on. Size 50-70 cm, 20-28 inch.


April 19, 2022

This new work is a composition of "Morning Glory" inspired by tiny details from different work of old family and 18th century Dutch master painter Georgius van Os. Size 60-60, cm, 24-24 inch.


March 15, 2022

During the 10th Open Tower Day Amsterdam Saturday March 26th, a varied selection of my work is shown on the top floor of the Symphony Tower (Zuidas).


January 20, 2022


January 5, 2022

New painting "Vondelpark, The Painting", size 32 - 47 inch/80 - 120 cm. Living in the neighborhood of the Vondelpark in Amsterdam, I had to create this painting. My idea was to take the viewer into the park to enjoy it; walking and biking along the wiggling lines and winding curves from the walkways and cycle paths...


November 28, 2021

This is the final version of the 3D prototype of a Nosybird which I already use in my paintings “to juice up the Art of Looking”. A character that only is observing with its own eyes and without critical judgements. Nothing else. To see and feel what’s really going on. No screens or other distractions involved. Just imagine that!

So last week we had discussions with a third party about the bigger plan around this character. The design, the other versions, packaging etc. Next, we are working on its vivid story behind and how to bring it to live in its very own way. Because Art is storytelling. So lets say, to be continued...


November 2, 2021

The painting "New Neighbors/View on Zuidas" was picked up by "Hello Zuidas". This trendsetting magazine brings the latest news about the high-end international knowledge and business center "Zuidas" in Amsterdam.


October 11, 2021

The painting New Neighbors/View on Zuidas has found a less ordinary place (100 meters high). It is part of a small scale exposition on the top floor of the Symphony Tower, Gustav Mahlerplein in Amsterdam.


August 16, 2021

After this exceptional summer we have new and exciting ideas and simply want to usher a post-pandemic era. That "reset feeling" was the main reason for me to create this painting. So I started a canvas that radiates an intensely fresh and energetic feeling. A composition where the blue colors of a cloudless sky give an extra bit of subtile joy. A work that is universally pleasing. The painting "Fresh Flowers" is part of the Flower Series (Other Stories). Size 39-32 inch, 100-80 cm.


August 2, 2021

The Flower Painting Series were picked up as "trend" in this glossy magazine of one of the largest hotel chains in the Netherlands...


July 18, 2021

The latest series of "Flower Paintings" are shown and for sale at the Atelier of Master Florist Menno Kroon in Amsterdam. The paintings are a part of a extreem colorful and energetic theme full of flowers, plants and accessories. A unique and must see occasion for those who like color and for those who simply like to experience it.


June 23, 2021

Master Florist Menno Kroon is widely known for creating living interiors. The vibrant color compositions of flowers and other intuitively chosen accessories are his trademark. His must-see atelier in the Cornelis Schuytstraat in Amsterdam is a true eye opener. Being inside simply feels almost magical. It is full of "Instagrammable moments". With this painting I wanted to express the pure brightness and exuberance of his unique store and let the flowers be the hero.

Nice to know. This summer I will join Menno Kroon in his store with a selection of my flower paintings. The paintings are part of a complete new and colorful theme.

Size 39-47 inch, 100-120 cm


May 4, 2021

I made this new painting to show that open spaces in Amsterdam are becoming more and more scarce. These spaces are literally a relief. So I put the famous Concert Hall back in its original environment. In the middle of a pasture, where it was built in 1888. To see how that feels and to highlight its beauty differently. Size 32-39 inch, 80-100 cm.


February 8, 2021

Presenting a new & vivid painting "Joy". Because we need some in this extraordinary period of time... Size 47-32 inch, 100-80 cm.


January 15, 2021

Gallery Vlierhove in "artist village' Blaricum, Netherlands has recently published an impressive book. Creative work of more than 200 expositions are shown since the start in 1986. Happy that I could contribute and be part of this group. And of course, special thanks to this special gallery.


December 9, 2020

The idea behind this new and extra large painting is to let the flowers just move into your room. The flowers which are completely and deliberately out of proportion are making a step forward and welcome you. Acrylic on linen, size 55-43 inch/140-110 cm.


October 4, 2020

Friday, October 2, I happily presented one of my Nosybirds paintings named “Sun Encounters” to Mariëlle Bartholomeus who has just been awarded with the Top Woman 2020 titel  (“Topvrouw 2020”). As a medical director and neurologist at Bernhoven Hospital in Oss/Uden, Mariëlle has been instrumental in leading her team through the first outbreak of Covid-19 in the south of the Netherlands. The motto of this painting is sun spreading rays of light, energy and  positivity all very much needed in times of crisis and sorrows.  Plenty reasons to hand this canvas to her!


September 15, 2020

This animated, simple sketch of Art of Nosybirds wants to tell about perspective. One perspective is looking at lots of (new) perspectives. It came to me in a period of time where many changes seem to accelerate due to Covid 19.


September 6, 2020

Trailer of the painting "Lage Vuursche house". After many visits and lots of footage, I started this work with great enthusiasm. Also during the painting proces, I returned to that unique place in Lage Vuursche to look again and again. It was worth it!


August 25, 2020

"Lage Vuursche house" in the middle of its flourishing forest, Spring 2020. Size 27-39 inch, 70-100 cm.


July 9, 2020

Phone companies told us that during Covid-19 we call each other far more to stay in touch. That's good. So l thought, let's create a nice phone case that brings you in a good mood. The phone case is based on the painting "Bunch of Flowers". Want one? Just mail


June 16, 2020

With this work, I wanted to let a vase full of flowers blast into the place where the painting is looking at. Flowers bring happiness and therefore need to get undivided attention. "Bunch of Flowers" is based on the painting "Still Life with Flowers" (half 1800) from the Dutch Master and old family Georgius van Os. It is my second work where I used a painting of Georgius as a source of inspiration.  Size 39 - 32 Inch, 100 - 80 cm


February 24, 2020

This painting gives an outspoken view on two  different neighborhoods. The new one is the so called “Zuidas”. Actually, it is more than a neighborhood. It’s an upscale business district which started around 2000 and located in the south of Amsterdam.  The  “Zuidas” develops and expands very fast.  

Now this. “Zuidas” borders on several existing residential areas. An eye catching one is the area with villa’s from the fifties. This causes an amazing contrasts. In this painting I bend perspective. The painting shows an avenue where beautiful designed villa’s are confronted with the high-rise of the “Zuidas”. But I gave the houses other dimensions to bring the two very different neighborhoods a bit together. To give some harmony in a new reality.


October 28, 2019

About the why and how of the painting "LESS SNOW". Climate Change is having a major impact on high mountain regions. Switzerland is one of them. Reason to create "LESS SNOW".


October 17, 2019

Five 1930 houses in a row in the Apollolaan, one of the few avenues in Amsterdam. Architecture style is the so called "Amsterdam School". Just like the famous canal houses in the city center, these houses border a canal. But in a complete different way. And although they have exactly the same character, the houses are modernized. They have changed, but are still the same.

Last but not least, the houses have an eye catching similarity, Roofs.


September 8, 2019

In the Old South Part of Amsterdam, you'll find this tiny blue supermarket. During many years things changed inside this unique place. But from the outside it still looks like that same old grocery store from the mid-1900s. Size 31,5 - 23,6 inch (80 - 60 cm).


August 29, 2019

In our fast changing time it seems that we only move forward. Well, sometimes it is refreshing and gutsy to move forward while looking backwards. Presenting a new painting" Backwards". Size 27 - 39 inch (70 - 100 cm).


July 23, 2019

As we speak, Switzerland experiences its second heat period (source: Meteo Schweiz). Presenting a new Art of Weathermap of Switzerland "Less Snow". Because average temperature is rising. The painting is based on the actual situation of April 29th. This day brought a remarkable composition of temperature colors. Which was a good inspiration to create this painting. Size: 39 - 47 inch/100 - 120 cm.


May 25, 2019

Climate in Switzerland is changing. Most notably, there has been significantly less snow since the 1980's. And changes in precipitation are now becoming apparent. According to current climate scenarios, the warming will continue into the future. Reason to start a striking colored "Art of Weathermap" painting of Switzerland.


May 3, 2019

"200 Years Later" is based on "Allegory of Spring", a beautiful painting from the Dutch master Georgius van Os. This still life from 1817 is permanently shown in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Because this painting is about 200 years old and Georgius happens to be family from the past, I decided to rethink and repaint this masterwork. I started this painting project in November 2018 with preparations, sketches and visited The Rijksmuseum several times to take that closer look to get the precise understanding of the "Allegory of Spring". Just stand still and see. So in the end I am grateful to the people of The Rijksmuseum for their help and consultation.  

The size (56 - 40 inch, 140-100 cm) of "200 Years Later" is approximately the same as the original. To create an extra friendly connection. Actually the new painting is very different from the original in color, style and meaning. It is a special painting in every respect and it shows - like all of my paintings - the accelerating time we are living in. And last but not least, "200 Years Later" wants to show happiness which is the starting point of my work.


February 17, 2019

Here's the "Allegory of Spring". This still life from the Dutch master Georgius van Os is permanently shown in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Because this painting is 200 years old and Georgius happens to be family from the past, I decided to repaint this masterwork. The size (56 - 40 inch, 140-100 cm) will be the same as the original to create a connection. I have visited The Rijksmuseum several times to take that closer look and to get the right understanding of the "Allegory of Spring". Just stand still and see. So in the end, I am grateful to the people The Rijksmuseum for their help and consultation.

Now, my aim is to show a still life full of "Spring", so my painting will be really different in style and color. And my challenge to make a true reset. That means that I have to look over and over again and make several sketches, especially on certain areas of the painting. On Instagram and Facebook I will show how things are going and how the painting appears. I hope to get the painting ready before.... Spring. To be continued.


September 28, 2018

What happens if we take the extraordinary slender and tall "432 Park Avenue Tower" out of its busy Manhattan. And relocate it in the middle of natural Swiss skyscrapers. In Davos, Switzerland. Size 39.4 - 27.6 inch (100 - 70 cm)


July 5, 2018

New video about the true intention of Art of Weathermap. Two paintings, "World" and "New York" are shown on the top floor of the prestigious Symphony Tower. This beautiful office location is right in the center of the so-called ultra-modern "Zuidas" business area in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.



June 21, 2018

We like to be where the sun is. It brings us lots of happy energy, which we all simply need. In an accelerating world that never seems to stop. So why not bring that sun inside? Just to know it is always there. Together with some true sun appreciators, who treasure the power of the sun. Just like you do. So, time for a painting that keeps the sun inside. Sun Encounter.



March 11, 2018

This painting shows the original look and feel of a high diving board. My subject is a lonely swimming pool, mountains on the horizon and an intense sky. And silence. The excitement of the first time, standing together on a diving board. Waiting to jump and experiencing the immense height above the water. But not only that. At the same time, the diving board opens as a beautiful vantage point. Where you can see and feel the movement of the environment in an intense way. 


December 2, 2017

Introducing an online Store with a limited selection of prints. Coming year more to follow.

Click here to visit the online store.


November 4, 2017

In a few seconds the total appearance of a major city can change enormously. Without any noise. Simply due to rain and sun at the same time. And some happy unexpected coincidence. I saw it happen in Boston during the summer and it inspired me to paint "BOSTON SUMMER SHOWERS". Actually, isn't this painting almost a metaphor for our accelerating time?


October 28, 2017

The painting "MANHATTAN warmest Christmas ever" is exhibited on the top floor in the Symphony Tower. This is the highest Tower of the prestigious Business Area "ZUIDAS" in Amsterdam. A group of financial companies wanted to emphasis their green vision and ambitions via contemporary art.


September 30, 2017

The houses of this special shopping street in the old south part of Amsterdam are from around 1900. During the years the Cornelis Schuytstraat has become a true busy street. But from time to time there are peaceful moments which invite some people to take a sunny walk in the middle of the street. Like in 1900.


September 26, 2017

A good coffee or lunch and - as of today - a nice opportunity to see a selection of my work in a special place in Amsterdam South. So for coming months, just stop by at Valerius, Banstraat 14. 



September 15, 2017

Because in the end, we all need unobstructed views so now and then. Like this special one on Corn Hill Road, Truro, Cape Cod USA. Nice to know, a few miles from the house of Edward Hopper, America's foremost artist of the 20th century.


July 11, 2017

I want to create a painting which shows the original look and feel of a high diving board. The painting is not ready yet. My subject is a lonely swimming pool, mountains on the horizon and an intense sky. And silence. The excitement of the first time, standing together on a diving board. Waiting to jump and experiencing the immense height above the water. But not only that. At the same time, the diving board opens as a beautiful vantage point. Where you can see and feel the movement of the environment in an intense way. 


May 19, 2017

When everything around us accelerates, just step back and take a closer look what is really going on. We hardly understand the almost invisible day to day changes, let alone the enormous big issue. Often we take notice for a few minutes, but we keep on walking at our own pace. We stay in our comfortable boxes. And often we don’t or hardly react. Why not?

Only taking a short notice seems not enough. Some people start to think, look outside their boxes and try to understand what is changing and what it will really mean for them. Actually, they simply like to find out how they can (bene)fit in the future and start to focus and absorb what they see. They become connected. And become one with their colorful changing environment. That’s where a natural and true reset starts. As a matter of fact, we don’t stay the same our whole life. That would be a waste. "RESET".

Size 39.4 - 39.4 Inch (100 - 100 cm) | Acrylic on linen


April 15, 2017

Big cities like Amsterdam are generally warmer than their surrounding rural areas. The impact of the numerous urban factors on its temperature is called the “Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect”. It is clear that this “Urban Heat Island” effect for Amsterdam will change, because the climate changes and as a result of further urban development. There are projections of this climate change and urban development in 2040 and they indicate that the “UHI effect” in Amsterdam may strongly increase. 

In other words, Amsterdam will be extra warm. Something we have to take into account.

Size: 23.6 - 23.6 inch (60 - 60 cm)


March 9, 2017

Monday September 5th 2016 is a perfect example of the soaring temperatures in that month. Europe broke serious records on that point. Some examples... An intense heat wave occurred in the Iberian Peninsula with a site in Spain, Sanlucar La Mayor, measuring 46.4°C (115.5°F). Portugal broke its September monthly heat record with 45.0°C (113.0°F) at Lousa Airport on September 6th. On top of that, September 2016 was the warmest September in 136 years of modern record-keeping, according to a monthly analysis of global temperatures by scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York. Lots of inspiration to create this animated Weathermap of Europe.

Size: 39.4 - 55.2 inch (100 - 140 cm) | Acrylic on Linen


February 23, 2017

This new painting “The Amsterdam Dog Ear” shows surprising contrast. In time and shapes. The sharp, triangular and up to seven meters towering clean grass slope from landscape architect Sven-Ingvar Andersson (from 2000) is called the “Dog Ear” (Ezelsoor). This raised ground level lies in the corner of the “Museumplein”. Behind, you see the houses with the well-known Amsterdam facades (from 1800-1900). Actually, they are just next to the famous Concert Hall and only a few meters from "The Dog Ear”. Seen from a certain perspective, it brings this unusual and colorful composition. Big changes in style really entertains.

Size: 39.4 - 31.5 (100 - 80 cm)  |  Acrylic on Linen


January 6, 2017

Nosybirds stands for pure observation of our real life, which we forget in our fast changing - often digital - world. 2017 will change even faster on that point. Time to introduce Nosybirds 3D.


November 19, 2016

You are most welcome to visit this year solo exposition "WEATHER AND NOSYBIRDS, A PERPECTIVE" in Germany. Place is Gallery "Kunstraum 4", Schöppingerstrasse 4 in Horstmar (near Münster). Opening (first day) is December 4 at 2.30 - 5.30 pm. Other opening days are December 11, 18, 26 and January 8 opening hours are also from 2.30 - 5.30. I'll be there.


October 11, 2016

We see no more than we expect to see. That is nothing new. Our stereotyped notions block our clear vision and crowd out imagination. Funny enough, this happens without any alarms sounding, so we never realize it is occurring. And that’s a pity, because I am sure we can do much better. In other words, see more.

I found a story which illustrates how it works. Some time ago a man sat at a metro station in Washington DC and started to play the violin.  It was a cold morning. He played Bach pieces for about more that a half an hour.  During that time, since it was rush hour, more than thousands of people went through the station.

The first person who paid the most attention was a 3 year old boy. Actually, this action was repeated by several other children and one person who knew Joshua.

When he finished playing and silence took over, no one noticed it.  No one applauded. And, no one knew that the violinist was Joshua Bell, one of the best musicians in the world.  He played one of the most difficult pieces ever written with a violin worth 3.5 million dollars. Two days before his playing in the subway, Joshua Bell sold out at a theater in Boston and the seats averaged $100.

Joshua Bell playing incognito in the metro station was organized by the Washington Post as part of a social experiment. Because he was playing in a subway station, people assumed he was a street musician playing for handouts and paid no attention to his music. They only saw and heard what they expected to see and hear from a street musician. (See more on:

It appears that only the open minded kids who reacted, had the awareness they were listening to special music. With my third version of “Nosybirds Perspective”, I like to illustrate “open mind”. Finally, to see (and hear) more beautiful and unexpected things around us.


September 8, 2016

Size: 39.4 - 39.4 Inch (100 - 100 cm) | Acryl on linen

This Weathermap has nothing to do with beautiful summer days. Or an early spring feeling. It has to do with one special day in 2012. On February 4th The Netherlands was - literally - very “cool”. Actually, it was -9,2 F, which is -22,9 Celsius. This coldest point was located right in the middle of the country. We had a deep-freeze, the likes of which we had not experienced in more than 30 years. The coldest day in the 21st century. Well, that’s something you don’t feel every day.


August 1, 2016

Size: 39.4 - 39.4 Inch (100 - 100 cm).

I have noticed that today more and more people look down. It looks that this trend has simply to do with our tech dependent society; we look at our smartphones. That brought me to create an eye opening reaction from my side. A painting with a title that speaks for itself,“ UP”.


July 22, 2016

Size: 39.4 - 39.4 Inch (100 - 100 cm).

These days almost everything is about “perspective”. How we actually see things and how we can see things. Or how can we see things on a compleet different and perhaps unexpected way. I guess our perspective is a great friend and helps us a lot. Every day, every hour.

This new and happy painting is the first of a range where I try to remind us on our perspective. Perspective simply starts with looking at things. Often more than once and from different angles. Reason to paint “Around”.


May 31, 2016

Size: 39.4 - 47.2 Inch (100 - 120 cm). 

This new Weathermap of the United States shows a wide variety of colors. Fact is, we are talking about spring time. During that period of time some Northern states still have low temperatures, while some States in the South already enjoy a real summer. This Weathermap is inspired on the weather situation on April 28th, 2016. That particular day gave me enough weather/temperature extremes to create Weathermap “USA in Spring”.


April 19, 2016

Size: 47.2 - 39.4 Inch (120 - 100 cm). 

Weathermap North Pole (Artic) is inspired by a snapshot January 12th 2014.

I created this Weathermap for two reasons. First, the discussion about the climate change and global warming. The North Pole constitutes a very important element in this debate.

The other reason is a totally different one and has to do with our point of view. Most of the time we look at a world map to see the 5 continents, or some of them. It is easy to recognize the patron of these continents, because 99% of the world maps show them on the same way. Now, if we turn our earth and look at it from another perspective, our minds are processing. Do we still recognize the patrons of our well known continents?  In that respect Weathermap North Pole likes to surprise us a bit. I guess, that’s fun to see.

So in the end, Weathermap North Pole isn’t just the North Pole. It hides a serious message and some “perspective fun” at the same time.


February 19, 2016

Recently I wrote a story about the thought behind my Art of Weathermap©.

Like Art of Nosybirds® I have a starting point, a true origin where my art is based on. In the book I try to explain why I create paintings of Weathermap. And what the Weathermaps try to tell us.

It write about our climate change, the creation process and the impact of colors on our mood and much more. It’s about the fun of making Weathermaps and what happens “backstage”. You can click here to get a preview of the book.


February 5, 2016

Size: 15.7 - 23.6 inch (40 - 60 cm) | Acrylic on Linen

Many of us work in an office, often located between big office buildings. During rush hours, many of us travel from home to work and vice versa.

They see a large road, traffic signs and are surrounded by thousands other fellow travelers. Following the day, many of us look at one or more computer screens, paperwork and at our colleagues of course. At least, that is what our eyes tell us at the end of that day..

But for some of us this is not the case. They are very fortunate on that point and work on an extraordinary place with a magnificent view. Every time, after leaving their home, they simply start a very pleasant journey. They work for example at the Friday Harbor Laboratories, which is a part of the University of Washington. It is a beautiful spot, located between Vancouver and Seattle and it lies on the seafront.

So I received this kind request out of Washington State, USA to make a colorful painting of that very particular “work view”. A view, you can enjoy for many hours. Good food for Nosybirds®.

Art of Nosybirds® shown in high level Art & Design Store in The Netherlands

December 17, 2015

A week before Christmas, I am very proud that a part of my collection is shown in a beautiful store called Alosery Art & Design. The just new opened store is specialized in high level contemporary art and is located in the city center of Almere, a big city in the center of The Netherlands.


December 8, 2015

Size: 39.4 - 78.7 inch (100 - 200 cm) | Acrylic on Linen 

Following my painting of Weathermap Europe, I created a new Weathermap.

It is a large size painting of the world, based on the weather situation on Wednesday January 8th, 2014. This day is a good representation of the winter period in that particular year.

To get an idea, northern parts of the world had a really tough winter. And for me, cold means that a bigger part of the painting will be in all sorts of blue or purple. The United States and a large part of Asia suffered from pretty low temperatures. There were also extreme cold places. That means, they will get a different color, bright pink for instance. As a matter of fact, in my compositions of Weathermap different temperatures mean an enormous variation of colors, and shapes of colors.

It may be clear that this new World Weathermap is made to entertain the eye. I have used the weather situation of mentioned moment only as an inspiration, a starting point. I wanted to create an expressionist and eye catching painting that surprises the viewer on a happy and colorful way. And show the feeling of the weather and climate, seen from a complete different angle.

My Weathermaps are a combination of my interest in weather and climate, the way I see certain geographic areas and the beauty of colors and patterns.


October 10, 2015


Size: 31.5 - 23.6 inch (80 - 60 cm) | Acrylic on Linen


In a small town Nijkerk - in the middle of the Netherlands - we find a special church. It is still a “traditional” church and was elected to be the church with the most beautiful tower. That’s a lot!

Now, I wanted to change this church and its environment a bit. Different feeling and atmosphere. So here is my vivid colored painting of “De Grote Kerk” with its price winning tower.

Irrational Church.

Introducing “Weathermap"

September 18, 2015

Introducing “Weathermap"

Size: 31.5 - 39.4 inch (80 - 100) | Acrylic on Linen

For a long time I had the idea to create a painting which expresses climate and weather.To be more specific, the change in climate band weather. In short, I love weather. Nevertheless, the weather is an enormous subject. So, how can I on my way depict the weather on canvas? Weather is not a thing which you can touch. It is a enormous phenomenon. It has millions of appearances and above all, every person perceives weather on a different way. But that’s from here, where we stand. Reason to change my point of view and look from above. In other words, entering the world of maps. And the world of high pressure areas, temperature differences, micro climates and far more. In this world I have absorbed what I saw and created my own “Weathermap”. A colorful snapshot where location, temperature and moment is leading.

Here I present the first painting. And I can assure you, next to Art of Nosybirds, there is more to come. Art of Weathermap.

Amsterdam without light pollution: “Smart light Amsterdam”

July 10, 2015

Size: 23.6 - 31.5 Inch (60 - 80 cm) | Acrylic on Linen

Some time ago I read this article in the New York Times about Thierry Cohen, a French photographer.

Thierry thinks he can show us by blending city scenes — shot and altered to eliminate lights and other distractions — and the night skies from less populated locations that fall on the same latitudes. The result is what city dwellers might see in the absence of light pollution. So Paris gets the stars of northern Montana and New York those of the Nevada desert. As Cohen, whose work was exhibited at the Danziger Gallery in New York, sees it, the loss of the starry skies, accelerated by worldwide population growth in cities, has created an urbanite who “forgets and no longer understands nature.” He adds, “To show him stars is to help him dream again.” 

So, I am fond of stars. I already made a painting called “Points of view”. Now, the idea of Thierry inspired me to go for a painting where Nosybirds simply enjoy Amsterdam but without light pollution. On the other hand, Amsterdam is keen to combat light nuisance and light pollution, thus reducing energy consumption, and to improve the sense of safety and atmosphere in the evening and at night. So I hope, the painting which I created is not complete surrealistic.


June 18, 2015

Size: 19.7 - 27.6 Inch (50 - 70) | Acrylic on Linen 

I have been working on a new painting which actually is a part of the series "Beach paintings".

The new painting is based on a sea view, seen from a special spot in the South of France. And an uncommon research subject of Mr. Wallace J. Nichols from San Francisco, USA. He is a biologist and his research area is somewhat unexpected and quite remarkable at the same time: he watches people looking at water...

Mr. Nichols saw that people grow quite and calm when they look at the sea. But there was more than that. When he asked what people feel when they look, they struggle for words. Now, he even believes that if we find out what part in our brain causes this emotion reaction, this could bring about a radical shift in conservation efforts. Well, I guess that’s something.

So this spring I saw two viewers in the South of France watching the sea. They did exactly what Mr. Nichols is researching. The idea for a painting was born. Of course the two colorful and relaxed viewers are not alone in watching the blue sea. Their feathered company likes uncommon gatherings. And love to get a good peace of mind for free.

April 14th

April 14, 2015

Two new spring paintings

March 31, 2015

So, I created "Morning Sprinklers". It was really "on my list". I am a morning person and there are certain things around us which energize the start of a good day. Sunrise, good breakfast, en much more. It is very easy to notify them. Morning sprinklers is one of them. Before the day starts you see them in many gardens and parks. They wake up and show their heads above the ground. Together with the smell of grass they have this wonderful combination to make your day.

Size: 31.5 - 39.4 Inch (80 - 100) | Acrylic on Linen

"Easy Switzerland" is a large painting which tries to portrays Switzerland a bit cooler. I like many parts of this country very much, but the Swiss people make the countries image a bit too serious. It is a cultural thing and it influences my perspective of this beautiful country.  Reason to focus on a distinctive part of this country, called Wallis. And translate it in a colorful picture with smooth shapes and bright colors.

Size: 39.4 - 55.1 Inch (100 - 140 cm) | Acrylic on Linen

Extra large version "Points of view" in boardroom.

January 14, 2015

Extra large version "Points of view" in boardroom.

Size: 39.4 - 59.1 Inch (100 - 150 cm) | Acrylic on Linen 

Last week I have delivered the 3rd version of my painting "Points of view" within two months time. Now, this extra large size hangs in a boardroom in the city center of Amsterdam. To motivate each other to see things on a creative, different way. As a matter of fact, everyone has his or her own point of view.

Happy end of a colorful solo exhibition Germany.

December 21, 2014

So many enthusiastic and colorful reactions, remarks and comments. I really enjoyed this solo exhibition in Germany. I hope, no, I am sure that my work has given many happy eyes. Very much like to come back one time in Horstmar or other place in Germany.

New Painting "Positive Energy"

December 2, 2014

Before and during my stay in Germany to fix my solo exhibition, I saw this fascinating area called "Hill of Schöppingen". It is full of wind turbines. An excellent place to look around and absorb this combination of old and new landscape...

Opening exhibition "Nosy birds. A closer look.”

November 4, 2014

A happy opening of the exhibition "Nosybirds. A Closer look. on November 1st. Lots of nice and interesting people from the Netherlands, USA and Germany joined this first day. The jazz music entertainment by Klaus Bensen & Markus Klaes gave it an extra and special appeal.

The exhibition is open every Sunday from 14.30 - 17.30 until November 30th. You're very welcome to see the art and have drink.

Beach painting. Nr. 2: "Beach in motion”

October 26, 2014

Beach painting. Nr. 2: "Beach in motion”

Size: 19.7 - 27.6 Inch (50 - 70) | Acrylic on Linen

Beach is no still image. Never a dull moment. Painting is fully inspired on that insight. “Beach in motion”. Inspiration was a windy beach in Perpigan, France.


October 14, 2014

I am very happy to invite you and your friends to visit my solo exhibition "Nosybirds.

A Closer Look " in Gallery Kunstraum 4, Schöppingerstrasse 4 in Horstmar, Germany. Horstmar is a little town between Enschede and Münster (just 45 minutes from Enschede and 30 minutes from Münster).

The opening of the exhibition is on Saturday evening at 19:00 and will be musically accompanied by the Klaus Bensen-Trio. You are welcome to join the opening.

The openings days/hours of the exhibition are every Sunday in November from 14:30 until 17:30 and no RSVP is needed.

It is an very nice opportunity to see all my paintings at one place. You can experience the real bright colors and the stories behind the paintings. And get the right feeling about my art and the message behind. During the exhibition I will be around to give you some happy information and will answer all your interesting and funny questions.

The title “A Closer Look” comes from the basic thought behind my art. On all my paintings, the little birds look consciously at things we tend to overlook. With my happy art – which I see as a trigger - I hope I can encourage you to look around more and more and see the unseen. And give you a bit of that happy feeling you’ll get from it.

‘Hope to see you in Horstmar to take that closer look.


Making of two beach paintings. Nr. 1: "Kites"

September 26, 2014

Size: 19.7 - 27.6 Inch (50 - 70) | Acrylic on Linen

When I started “Kites” I had one thing in mind. This painting must give that colorful.

Summer joy and happiness. Kites and beach are important ingredients. In The Netherlands we have relatively short summers. In spring we are always waiting for that first special day with a mild temperature and a clear blue sky. And during fall, we hope we will get one summer day. We see those days as most welcome. I hope this painting will give us a bit of that specific summer feeling of one of those days. If you are interested in buying this painting, just drop me a line. Thank you.

September 4th 2014

September 4, 2014

Actually, this first painting started with a simple sketch, which I have made on “a beach” in July this year. Just “a beach”, because this beach was only a trigger. In other words, I did not make a copy from what I saw. I was just looking around and started drawing lines.

Looking at the sea, is the sea just a blue surface with a horizon? Or is it a joyful composition of various types of blue colors, white foam and white splashes when a wave breaks. And is sand just a kind of yellow surface or can we discover a clear shadow pattern which pleases the eye. And doesn't sand have its own waves near the coastline?

About the sky. Is it empty or are there clouds in the sky? Do we give the sky a special pattern which is a reflection of the sea? Or are there other elements, which attracts the eye?

In short, that’s the way I create most of my paintings. I just take a closer look, than I simplify and exaggerate the elements which I like most. In color and shape.

So I made 8 of these beach inspirations and some of them I put on Facebook. From the two sketches with most "thumbs up" I wanted to create a painting. "Kites" will be the first one.

Making of “The Golden Bend”

June 20, 2014

The “Golden Bend” is ready.

Size 31.5 - 39.4 inch (80 - 100 cm), Acrylic on canvas.

It has become a painting with a story. The first one without birds. When you take a closer look, you see that the fronts of the houses are different on a happy way. These fronts tell you something. To mention a few, one of the major elements of the Golden Bend is money. Therefore I gave the front of the left house a money-design coming from the Gulden Florijn (f). This money was often earned by the VOC . The VOC enjoyed huge profits from its spice monopoly through most of the 17th century with East India countries. So you find different styles of these countries in the two other houses next to the first mentioned.

The houses tell you also about famous Dutch art some centuries later. So I gave two fronts a Mondriaan and Van Gogh face. Finally to emphasis our liberal atmosphere, you see one house with lots of "peace" signs.

My intention was to give this painting a bit of so called “wallpower”. It attracts the eye. It was really fun to make and I hope you can find it back in this colorful painting.

May 29th 2014

May 29, 2014

After some sketches I started up “Golden Bend”. In this painting the creative answer was basically right in front of me. In my opinion the painting must show a real “Bend” which is more round. And I wanted to translate “Golden”, which actually stands for the expensive reputation and prestige. I translated “Golden” in golden details. So I colored the canal houses on the right side gold. And the water in the canal of “The Golden Bend” must have a combination of gold and blue. In this way the painting tells on a happy way what’s going on. More to come…

May 17th 2014

May 17, 2014

Foto: gouden bocht Berkheyde

There are a lot of items in Amsterdam which are enormously interesting and fun to paint. For different reasons, I am fascinated by a special place called “The Golden Bend” (De Gouden Bocht). It is the name of a part of the “Herengracht” located between “Vijzelstraat” and “Koningsplein”. We are talking about the ancient center of Amsterdam. This part is build around 1670. 

In this area of you feel the prosperity during the Golden Age. There is this famous Dutch Golden Age painter, Berckheyde (1638-1698) who created a few beautiful painting. Of course there are more pictures, but this one inspired me very much to start a painting of the Golden Bend. Enough history for now.

My homework. I have visited the Golden Bend a few times. To take a close look what going on right now. I also went a few times to the Rijksmuseum to see the mentioned work of Berkheyde. To take a closer look what was going on in that period of time.

With these and more impressions to fill my fantasy, I will start my "Golden Bend”. Bright colors and smart lightfall are very important. And above all, it must be a cheerful painting.