”NORTH POLE, January 12th 2014"

47.2 - 39.4 inch (120 - 100 cm) | Acrylic on Linen

Weathermap North Pole (Artic) is inspired by a snapshot January 12th 2014.

I created this Weathermap for two reasons. First, the discussion about the climate change and global warming. The North Pole constitutes a very important element in this debate.

The other reason is a totally different one and has to do with our point of view. Most of the time we look at a world map to see the 5 continents, or some of them. It is easy to recognize the patron of these continents, because 99% of the world maps show them on the same way. Now, if we turn our earth and look at it from another perspective, our minds are processing. Do we still recognize the patrons of our well known continents?  In that respect Weathermap North Pole likes to surprise us a bit. I guess, that’s fun to see.

So in the end, Weathermap North Pole isn’t just the North Pole. It hides a serious message and some “perspective fun” at the same time.

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47.2 - 39.4 inch (120 - 100 cm) | Acrylic on Linen