May 19, 2017

When everything around us accelerates, just step back and take a closer look what is really going on. We hardly understand the almost invisible day to day changes, let alone the enormous big issue. Often we take notice for a few minutes, but we keep on walking at our own pace. We stay in our comfortable boxes. And often we don’t or hardly react. Why not?

Only taking a short notice seems not enough. Some people start to think, look outside their boxes and try to understand what is changing and what it will really mean for them. Actually, they simply like to find out how they can (bene)fit in the future and start to focus and absorb what they see. They become connected. And become one with their colorful changing environment. That’s where a natural and true reset starts. As a matter of fact, we don’t stay the same our whole life. That would be a waste. "RESET".

Size 39.4 - 39.4 Inch (100 - 100 cm) | Acrylic on linen